Entrepreneurship is nothing a mind set!!!!!!!!!!

How to define Entrepreneur:- What Entrepreneurs do is just incredible. Entrepreneur turn ideas into reality. Entrepreneur believe when no-one else does.

Entrepreneur believe in our dreams and work relentlessly to set them free, while others’ keep theirs caged.

Entrepreneur stems from the French words “entre” and “prendre” together, which means “do”.

If there’s one thing that sets us apart from all those people who talk about getting paid to do what they love and starting a business, it’s doing.

Here are SOME reasons to own your own business and how to be an entrepreneur that makes an impact for generations to come.

  1. Doing work that engages your heart, mind and soul
  2. Flexibility to change your mind when you want
  3. Making decisions for yourself
  4. Taking orders from no-one
  5. Relying on yourself to make your own success
  6. Getting up when you want and going to bed when you feel like it
  7. Learning a new skill and applying it
  8. Believing in yourself even when you are filled with fear
  9. Getting through The Dip and realizing it wasn’t that bad
  10. Receiving a great testimonial from a customer that makes your day
  11. Meeting other like-minded entrepreneurs who “get” it
  12. Creating your own agenda and then ditching it
  13. Getting to use words like “pivot”, “monetize” and sh*t entrepreneurs say
  14. Making your first $1,000 and celebrating with your friends
  15. Realizing you’re in charge of your own future
  16. Choosing to take the day off to relax and recharge
  17. Standing behind your ideas and making them a reality
  18. Working with your ideal clients who value what you do
  19. Doing stuff that your friends and family don’t always understand but still love you for
  20. Making your first sale and getting your first client
  21. Screwing up and realizing you’ll still be ok
  22. Delegating work because you can
  23. Making your first hire
  24. Launching your first product
  25. Writing a newsletter that one person replies and thanks you for
  26. Building a mobile app that people download daily
  27. Taking off an afternoon to watch a movie or read a book
  28. Avoiding rush hour and working when you want to
  29. Figuring out your why and having everything click into place
  30. Working on projects that matter and make a difference
  31. Creating a vision for your business that excites you
  32. Helping one client to have a breakthrough
  33. Running out of stock on a product because your customers love it
  34. Working from home because you can
  35. Celebrating your first month in business
  36. Celebrating your first year in business
  37. Calling yourself an entrepreneur and believing it
  38. Recognizing the work you do is important and necessary
  39. Seeing limitless possibilities of how you can grow your business
  40. Being approached by someone to be their mentor
  41. Buying the perfect domain name and launching a website you’re proud of
  42. Inspiring a friend to become an entrepreneur
  43. Building a global business that transcends borders
  44. Officially registering your business
  45. Understanding your strengths and working with them
  46. Recognizing you’re not a superhero but pretty damn close
  47. Creating more of your perfect days where life and work are in harmony
  48. Following your dreams and pursuing them relentlessly
  49. Committing to building a business you’re proud of
  50. Doing work that matters no matter what.


Jatin Kumar




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