E-commerce Trend Booming in India

With the soared and record breaking online sales, it is evidently proved that e-commerce will outpace total retail sales in few years. Growth of e-commerce was low in starting years due to initial inhibitions, but, it is growing now with extraordinary pace as the confidence of Indian buyers is increasing slowly. Seeing the current behavior of Indian buyers, online experts estimated that the trend of e-shopping will become basic phenomena among buyers in arriving years. The present and future e-marketers are keeping their eyes on the Indian market trends and studying the consumer behavior for creating best and attractive deals potential clients. As per experts the coming holiday season in December will blur the retail market shine by online deals and free shipping offers.

In last two years many e-commerce websites have mushroomed online and giving tough competition to one another with striking deals like free shipping, coupons, free gifts, easy return policy, and many more.

While Indian online market future is going to be boom and not bubble, the retailers are fastening their belts for launching online stores. It is a peak time; early adopters have already initiated the processes such as website design and promotion for surviving the competition between website and retail in future. Gear yourself up for the cutthroat competition in Indian market as e-commerce is slowly outpacing practical retail stores.

Why you need to set up online business?

Though internet marketing in India is low as compared to the western countries; it is growing at fast pace with early adopters launching their websites on daily basis. At present time, internet is playing a major role in removing business limitations of past, now a sales person can directly reach clients doorstep and offer the most satisfying services in a click. Advanced technologies and web applications with safe transaction assurance are giving enough reasons to the new age Indian buyers to shop online. The best thing about the e-business is that it never phase-out and it demands half of the amount which a retail business does. If the web promotion and upgradation of website are at place, it means you are there to survive in the business for many more years.

Advanced smartphones and tabs are the main catalysts to prompt online sale figures and make e-shopping trendpopular. It also allows customers to switch faster from retails to e-commerce buying. The ease online marketing delivers during shopping encourages more and more shoppers to feel the experience of online shopping. Web experts believe that it will take some time to spread the online marketing phenomena in Indian society by and large; however, it will seep in soon and benefit many Indian consumers. Indians are catching online shopping fever slowly, though right on time.

The number of online buyers is likely to increase with the number of internet users, which has crossed the figure of 100-million. As per the report of comScore, Inc, about 60% of internet users has visited a retail site in the year of 2012. The registered growth of 28% of online shoppers in 2012 is giving tight competition to the foretells of industrial cynics who strongly believe that online shopping has feeble chances to survive in India as India buyers are non virtual and they like to feel the product before buying so that they can be assured of its quality.


Deepak sharma




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