Five methods to Promote Your Business Online


Social MediaImage

Whether you own a small business or big business but if you haven’t brought it in social media then it is a worst way. Silence is no longer an option. People are online talking about your business. If you don’t engage in the conversation, you risk losing your customers.Facebook allows you to create a business page.
Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a powerful marketing strategy to get your business noticed. By posting on blogs, you will get chance to reap the following advantages:-

  • You will get back links from other blogs to your website
  • You will bring new readers to your blog as soon as they click on your bio and your other links
  • You will get increased traffic for your own business site
  • This is also a perfect way to brand yourself
Guest blogging is one of the best marketing strategies to get your business noticed
Another great way to promote your business is to start a thread on forums. Forums are a great way to promote your business. Keep in mind, you don’t have to spam the forums or the administrators will disable your account.

Google Places Business Listing

Adding your business to Google Maps or Google Places has become important. It will bring potential customers for your business. Anyone can add their business to Google Places. It’s easy & Google does not charge anything for it.


Nowadays, having a website for business is important because it drives customers to your business. People can purchase your products online from your website which is known as e-Commerce. This will increase your revenue. The importances of having a business website are:

  • No one is using phonebooks anymore!
  • Opportunity to gain more customers
  • Getting a website is cheap and easy
  • A website provides flexible advertising
  • Using your website to track customer behavior

Business analyst

Anuj Thakur

Brandchasers team



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