Five Powerful Ways to Boost Website Traffic


 Create a Business Blog

yes, blogs are a commitment and take some time.  But the benefits are well worth it!  Blogs generate traffic, especially if the blog is housed at the same domain as your website.  Blogs are perfect to share on your social media pages which draw in additional visitors to your business website

Accumulate Backlinks
In order to increase your website traffic, it’s important to accumulate some backlinks.Reach out to local business directories such as Chamber of,Bing or Yellow and get your business listed.Also advertise via local newspaper websites, the Better Business Bureau or any websites specific to your industry.Links from local business directories add authority and search engine clout to your website, increasing traffic in the meantime.

Do Keyword Research

Basic keyword research can work wonders.  Use a free tool like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.  Search keywords related to your industry, but ensure the keywords you listed aren’t too competitive.  Once you’ve decided upon your keywords, incorporate them into your online content in a way that’s natural and organic, not forced.

Utilize Social Media and Share, Share, Share
On every page of your website, add social share buttons.  Social networking buttons empower your website visitors to help you when it comes to spreading the word about your business.  The benefits of social sharing are endless: it builds social media buzz around your brand and also can help your website rank higher in Google.  When users share anything from your website, your visibility in the search engines improves.

Send Out a Press Release
A press release can be a small businesses secret weapon. Use them to announce any achievements or developments within your company.  An online press release syndicate is the perfect place to share a record-breaking sales month, announce the release of a new product or introduce a new hire.  It’s a bit of a time investment and isn’t free, but it’s the perfect way to draw positive attention to your website and business.

When it boils down to it, anything you can do to increase your website traffic is worth it and advantageous on some level.  The strategies above are both easy and effective at the same time.  Remember, it takes some time to increase your visibility and website traffic but be persistent and your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Business analyst

Anuj Thakur

Brandchasers team



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